Message from the President

Message from the President
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pradermchai Kongkam

Greetings to all the distinguished TAGE members, we, the Executive Board would like to announce news and events of June 2018 as follows:

The first event I’d like to announce is a crucial meeting of this year, namely the EUS 2018. This conference appears immensely interesting, as world experts on EUS gastrointestinal endoscopy will deliver lectures and demonstrate their endoscopic techniques for us right here in Thailand. The registration fee is also reasonable. Anyone interested in the meeting could register for the conference on the EUS 2018’s website at Dr. Thawee Ratanachu-ek is the head organizer of this event, while Dr. Rungsun Rerknimitr the secretary.

The second captivating event for this month is the International Intervention EUS Hans-On Workshop held on December 3, 2018 following the EUS 2018. You could register and practice medical procedures. Registration will be soon open, please keep up with our official announcement. Although many world-renowned guest speakers will work as our trainers, we still offer a modest registration fee according to TAGE’s policy.

The third event, held on December 5-6, 2018 in collaboration with WGO, concentrates on lectures given by the world-famous speakers invited both by the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand and TAGE. Feel free to join this event. You are all welcome to join and submit your abstracts through our website.

Next, I’d also like to inform you of the TAGE Endoscopy Challenge 2018 which is hosted by TAGE. We’d like to invite you all to submit VDO clips, take part, and be involved in discussions in the event. Kindly see our e-poster at for registration. The fee is only B 2,500 / person, and I hope this event will also receive your considerable support. Should anyone be interested in providing financial support, please feel free to contact our sponsors. I’d also like to express my heartfelt thanks to the head organizers, namely Dr. Patarapong Kamalaporn from the Department of Medicine and Dr. Phuphat Vongwattanakij from the Department of Surgery.

In addition to these interesting academic conferences, I’d like to inform you of some progress of our projects, that is, the Management Board in charge of endoscopy room organizing business has been selected to push forward development of the endoscopy world. The Board is led by Dr. M.L. Taya Kitiyakara, Dr. Rungsun Rerknimitr, Dr. Piyapan Prueksapanich, Dr. Nonthalee Pausawasdi, and Dr. Thawee Ratanachu-ek.

And more importantly, we have handed out questionnaires to the leaders of all the endoscopy units in order to explore the endoscopy service capacity and treatment services. Please subscribe and submit the questionnaires via e-mail.

Also, it’s my pleasure to inform you that TAGE has just established 2 more funds.

Namely, TAGE Research Fund which is launched to support research regarding EUS-guided biliary drainage and Moon-Sun Fund. The latter’s name is derived from the names of Professor Jong Moon and Professor Rungsun Rerknimitr, and the fund is set up for supporting fellows in South Korea in making study trips in Thailand.

Moreover, I’d like to warmly congratulate Dr. Thawee and his colleagues on the remarkable success of the world-famous EUS models. TAGE was assigned to take care of the patent of this invention, and this clearly articulates TAGE’s and national pride.

Another interesting event is the TTT workshop the head organizer of which is Dr. Chainarong from Siriraj Hospital. I believe you can still apply for registration, so anyone interested in this event please feel free to directly contact Dr. Chainarong. This workshop emphasizes ESD and POEM. On behalf of TAGE, I’m deeply grateful to our TAGE members who have joined and shared their expertise in numerous past and upcoming APSDE and TAGE workshops. Also, TAGE has just formulated more detailed budget management rules and regulations. You could request to see the detailed rules from the TAGE secretary or through our website. Thank you very much and see you again next month.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pradermchai Kongkam, M.D.
Thai Association for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
June 2018